Italian American Cuisine

Fine catering & prepared foods since 1986

Italian American Cuisine

Fine catering & prepared foods since 1986

Welcome to Al’s Deli

We’re a made from scratch deli serving food that will satisfy your hunger and make your tastebuds dance. We’re the best for breakfast or lunch, a dinner to take home, and catering.

Why cook when there’s Al’s Deli?


Our Deli

The best sandwiches, salads, and sides start with the best ingredients. We offer lots of choices and are always coming up with new options. Read More


Our Catering

Let us cook for you and cater to you at home or your office for a special event. Read More


Our Prepared Foods

Homemade soups, salads, and entrees ready for customers to grab, go and enjoy at home. Read More


what our customers say


“I grew up near Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, in an all-Italian neighborhood. I even married into an Italian family. So I got street ‘cred’… Al’s is the best Italian deli ever! I love the staff…super friendly. ..The place is immaculate. My Naplidon wife says the meatballs remind her of her mother’s Sunday dinner “meataballs with tomato “gravy.!” I’m Jewish and their chicken soup is better than my mom’s. But then again the best thing my mom made for dinner was reservations! ShoDawg Approved!”


“If you’re looking for a great eating place. Fast service, old school order yelling, clean, fat sandwiches that make you say, ok I’m going on a diet after this (come to Al’s). My favorite is “Dobbie with avocado and turkey bacon.” They may look up when you order and if they do tell them Marti recommended it. I promise you’ll go back again, and again. Try others but try my Dobbie first. I’m now in Georgia wishing on a star from Al’s. But I’ll be back.”


“Not gonna lie, I’m not really a sandwich kinda girl. But we were having a summer party and I was feeling loathe to cook. My husband, king of sandwiches, suggested deli sandwiches and sides. And he is the one who will go down with the glory of discovering Al’s.

“Since moving to Westfield, we’ve noticed that Italian delis reign supreme here, and this is no exception. The quality of the cuts was outstanding, only to be surpassed by the service. The guys could not have been friendlier or more helpful, even helping me carry my massive order to my car!

“Their Italian and eggplant sandwiches were the stuff of dreams – even for a non-sandwich aficionado”.


“Al’s is arguably the best deli in the area. I live walking distance from Al’s and I pass by it all the time, regretting not getting a sandwich or something more often. I usually order the R.P.M., which has prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and roasted peppers– wow! The focaccia bread is so fresh and to die for. I’ve also ordered the breakfast sandwiches and prepared food before. I like the coleslaw. I also like their soups, particularly the chicken noodle soup. I usually get the soup when I’m feeling under the weather.

“They have a vast menu that will suffice any customer’s cravings. Every time I’ve been inside, I’ve always seen someone behind the counter chopping and preparing food. To me, this indicates the freshness of the food. They have ample seating, cozy and sometimes humorous decor, and a friendly staff who always greets you. You really get the feeling that Al’s is all about fresh, homemade food and family. Needless to say, I’m really glad I’ve found this place.”


“I have been coming to Al’s for years. Hands down it’s the best deli around. From breakfast sandwiches, to their sandwiches made on their homemade focaccia bread, soups, salads and hot food, I’ve never had a bad meal. Everything is freshly made. The staff is super friendly and always greets you with a smile and knows the customers who come in regularly by name. I’ve had them cater quite a few events for me and everyone has always raved about the food. I highly recommend this family owned deli to anyone who enjoys a good sandwich!”


“Al’s has the BEST bacon egg sandwiches I’ve ever had. They are huge and delicious! A little pricier than other places but you definitely get your money’s worth. Always make it a point to go in when I drop my dog off at the groomer.”


“Delicious food, great variety,friendly and professional staff.Highly recommended!”


“Great Italian deli. Makes sausage without fennel. Tasted awesome, very little fat. Be prepared for a true Italian sensory experience.”


“Quality ingredients piled high on subs and sandwiches, killer wraps. Quick service from friendly staff and owner. Doobie wrap will knock your socks off!”

Facebook – Kaitlin

“Always the go-to spot for a slammin sammie for lunch or for breakfast and of course a friendly, helpful staff like no other that make everyone feel like family. My family had a small event this weekend where we had wings and assorted focaccia sandwiches catered through Al’s that were all the rave & talked about throughout the weekend! Everyone said hands down the best wings and sandwiches they’ve ever had. Nothing but the best at this joint!”

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