It’s the end of a long day. You don’t want to cook. Your choices don’t look good. There’s fast food or pizza. Not exactly healthy, heartwarming food your mother would be proud to serve. Let us present another option. We cook for you. That’s what we’ve been doing for decades. So, we’re pretty good at it. And to make your quality of life better, we offer prepared foods.

If you think soup and think of something involving a can opener, you’ve never been to Al’s Deli. We know soup. We make it fresh and always have a selection. It’s made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Try our pea, potato, chicken gumbo, pasta Fagioli, beef barley, chicken noodle, chicken gumbo, cream of broccoli, split pea with ham, turkey rice, or cream of mushroom.

Hot soup is just the thing on a cold winter day.

But we’ll let you in on a secret: We have fans who even eat our hot, preservative-free soup on the hottest of days. It’s that good. That delicious. That incredible. And don’t forget our wide selection of entrees, complete dinners, and pasta dishes.

There’s no excuse not to have a good meal with Al’s around when you get home from work. You specialize in your job. And we cook. Let the experts at Al’s Deli feed you. Your taste buds, your body, and your family will thank you.

Al’s Deli