Kitchen Specialties

The Doobie: Smoked Turkey, Cheddar, Chipotle Aioli, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions & Bacon, Tomato Basil Wrap & Pressed $9.00
The Gravy Master: Hot Roast Beef, Fresh Mozzarella, Beef Gravy on a Garlic toasted Sub $9.00
The Brando: Breaded Chicken, Fresh Mozzarella, Russian Dressing, Bacon on a Pressed Sub $9.00
The Grilled Club: Grilled Chicken, White American, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo or Chipotle on Pressed Sub $9.00
Grilled Chicken Pesto: Chicken, Sharp Provolone, Grated Parmesan, Tomato, Onion, Spring Greens, & Pesto on Focaccia $9.00


( Can Substitute Chicken For Beef )

Philly Cheesesteak: Steak, Peppers, Onions & American cheese $9.00
California Cheesesteak: Steak, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, American Cheese, Mayo & Ketchup $9.00
AL’s Hot Cheesesteak: Steak, Pepper Jack Cheese, Peppers, Onions, Fried Cherry Peppers. $9.00
Smokie BBQ Cheesesteak: Steak, White American, Onions, Lettuce, Tomato & Spicy BBQ. $9.00
Chipotle Cheesesteak: Steak, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Pepper jack & Chipotle Aioli $9.00

Cold Specialties

All specialties served on a sub. Ask for focaccia, Semolina, Multigrain, ciabatta or Wrap.

That’s Italian : Pepperoni, Genoa, Provolone, Roasted Peppers, & Balsamic Vinaigrette. $8.00
R.P.M: Prosciutto, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Spring Greens & Balsamic Vinaigrette. $9.00
Red & White Russian: Roast Beef, Turkey, Swiss, Horseradish, Deli Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion. (request to get pressed) $8.00
Sweet Virginia: Virginia Baked Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Onion, spring greens, Tomato and Honey Mustard. (request to get pressed) $7.50
Peppery Club: Peppered Turkey, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Bacon & Mayo $9.00

Focaccia Wedges

(Request Any Type of bread)

The Ranchers Beef: Roast Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon crumble, Ranch, Spring Greens & Tomato $8.75
The Firebird: Blackened Turkey, Pepper Jack Cheese, Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers , Tomatoes, Onions & Ranchero Dressing. $8.50
Red & White: Grilled Chicken Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers and Balsamic Vinaigrette $9.00
Turkey Sloppy Joe: Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Cole Slaw & Russian Dressing $8.50

Classic Sandwiches


Breaded Chicken $7.50
Grilled Chicken $7.50
Bologna $5.50
Liverwurst $5.50
Imported Ham $6.00
Baked Virginia Ham $6.00
Hard Salami $6.00
Genoa Salami $6.50
Capocollo $6.50
Cheese $5.50
Roast Beef $7.25
Turkey $6.75
Corned Beef $7.50
Pastrami $7.50
Chicken Salad or Tuna $6.75
Seafood Salad $6.25
Egg Salad $5.00

Breakfast Sandwiches


4 Eggs: Scrambled, Fried, Over Easy or Sunny $3.00
Egg Whites: The Whites of 6 Eggs Fried $3.75
3 Eggs & Choice of Meat : (Fried Unless Specific)
Choice Of Meat : Taylor Ham, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Beef Bacon $ 6.00
Steak, Turkey, Turkey bacon, Turkey Sausage $ 7.00

Breakfast Platters

Platters Include your choice of toast

3 Eggs (Over Easy, Over Medium, Scrambled or Fried) $3.00
Cheese Omelet: 4 Fluffy Eggs and Choice of Cheese $4.00
Denver Omelet: Peppers, Onions and Ham & American Cheese $7.50
Sausage Omelet: Sausage, Peppers, onions and Pepper Jack Cheese $7.50
Veggie Omelet: Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and Tomatoes $6.00
Swiss & Tomato: Swiss, Tomatoes, Onions, Parsley, Parmesan Cheese & Garlic $6.50
Broccoli Cheddar: Broccoli, Onions & Cheddar Cheese $6.50

Breakfast Sides/Extras

– Bacon, Taylor Ham, Sausage, Beef Bacon or Ham
– Turkey Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Grilled Chicken ( +$1.00)
French Toast: 4 Slices of Savory Cinnamon French Toast $6.00
Home Fries $3.00
Buttered Roll (Toasted on Request) $1.50
Toast: White, Wheat or Rye with Butter $.75
Double Cheese + $.75
Double Meat + $3.00
Coffee Small: $1.50
Large: $2.00


(12 oz Fresh ground made to order)

Cheeseburger: 12 oz Patty with Choice of Cheese $7.75
California Cheeseburger: American Cheese Lettuce, Tomato, Onion Mayo & Ketchup $8.50
Western Burger White American Cheese Lettuce, Tomato, Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce $9.50
Tex Mex Burger Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeños $9.50
Alpine Burger Sauteed Mushrooms, Bacon and Swiss Cheese $9.50
Bacon Cheeseburger with Bacon, American Cheese& Russian Dressing $9.00

Sub Sandwiches

(Pricing For Half Sub: All subs include Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Oil & Vinegar, Seasonings)

#1 Ham & Provolone $7.00
#2 Salami & Provolone $7.00
#3 Ham, Salami, Provolone $7.00
#4 White Meat Tuna $7.50
#5 Al’s Italian Sub $7.50
#6 BH Turkey Breast $7.50
#7 Roast Beef $8.00
#8 Cheese Sub $6.00


Standard Toppings: Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Black 0lives

Caesar Salad: Romaine, Olives, Onions, Shredded Pram, Croutons & Caesar dressing $7.00
Red and White Salad: Grilled Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella on a Garden Salad $9.50
Tossed Salad: Romaine & Standard toppings $6.00
Chef Salad (Ham,Turkey,Salami Provolone) $9.00
Spring Green Salad: Spring Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Black olives $8.00
Top With Cheese: Grated Parmesan, Fresh Mozzarella, Fetta, Gouda, or Any Deli Cheese $1.75

Kitchen Classics

B.L.T: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on White Toast with Mayo $6.50
Italian Hot Dog; Hot Dogs, Potatoes, Peppers & Onions $8.00
Meat Ball, Chicken , Eggplant Parmigiana $8.50
French Fries $3.00
Spicy French Fries $3.00
Onion Rings $3.00
Chicken Fingers $6.00
Grilled Cheese $3.50

Cold Cuts and Meats

Roast Beef 12.99
Store Turkey 11.99
(Smoked, Honey, Ovengold, blackened, peppered)
Ever Roast Chicken 11.99
Buffalo Chicken 11.99
Imported Ham 8.99
Store Baked Virginia Ham 10.49
Deluxe Ham 9.99
Low Sodium Ham 9.99
Genoa Salami 10.49
Hard Salami 8.99
Pepperoni 8.99
Prosciutto 12.99
Capocollo 9.99
Bologna 7.99
Corned Beef 12.99
Pastrami 12.99


American 7.49
Cheddar 7.49
Mozzarella 7.99
Fresh Mozzarella 9.49
Muenster 7.99
Pepper Jack 8.99
Gouda 8.99
Asiago 9.49
Provolone 7.99
Aged Provolone 9.99
Swiss 8.49